Saponaceous showcases the results of experimental research into the process of saponification where through an exothermic reaction, following the addition of lye, fat is transformed into soap. Using locally sourced goat milk fat, refried oil from chippies and leftover pork trimmings from butchers located in North London, Fernando Laposse has produced a series of functional and interactive objects which have been sculpted, moulded and machined out of solid blocks of soap, presenting the potential qualities of this waste by-product.
The collection also features a selection of sculptural objects developed in collaboration with Italian designer Federico Floriani.
The pieces presented in the exhibition invite the user to reflect on the concept of wholesomeness by inciting a dialogue surrounding the topics of personal hygiene, zero waste and purification.

Tonsureshaving action detailTonsure shavers in lineTonsure Shaver

Frothing Soap being turned copy_1 Frothing Soap bristles up Frothing Soap Foaming pine shaver at pocko pine shaver closeup pine shaver detail pine sop shaver copy Scent Mobile Scent Mobiledetail silk print front view silk print in pocko with contrast soaps 1 copy soaps 2Floriani:LaposseFloriani:Laposse 1Floriani:Laposse hair vase