cognac capsules


For the launch of their new GT V8 S, Bentley threw a party for VIP customers in a midcentury windtunnel at the Farnborough airbase. The party was inspired by graphic novels from the 50’s and I was approached and asked to come up with an evil doctor character and to create a drinking experience for the guests. The result were sugar capsules which I injected with mini negronis freshly mixed. Guest had the option of taking them as a shot or to drop them into a cocktail glass and wait for them to dissolve and release the liquor. The shape was done using CAD and 3D printing to achieve an intricate shape inspired from an engine gear.

cognac-filling-sin-pelolow res capsules, bowling formationlips low resBentley_Farnborough_033 Bentley_Farnborough_035 Bentley_Farnborough_051 Bentley_Farnborough_090 Bentley_Farnborough_172 Bentley_Farnborough_183 Bentley_Farnborough_285