jungle vase


Daum is a crystal studio based in Nancy, France and is the one of the last commercial crystal manufacturers employing the p√Ęte de verre, a technique in which crushed glass is packed into a refractory mould and then fused in a kiln. The similarities between the processes and aesthetics of their sculptures and my sugar glass pieces incited the challenge of making a sugar replica of their Jungle Vase, launched as part of their 2014 spring-summer collection.

The concept was to illustrate the birth of a jungle as a beacon of life and for that I reverse-recorded the piece melting down to a puddle of molten sugar. The process was complicated, with 27 kilos of sugar used to cast the vase, 3 days to cool, 8 hours to melt down once demolded and over 20,000 time-lapsed photos to compile into a video.

Dimensions 60 x 40 cm

meltdown progression low res
Daum Jungle Vase low res
blue calao low res copy
process daum sugar vase