Did you know corn was first planted in Mexico 9000 years ago and that the country now has over 60 different species, each with its own wonderful flavour color and texture?

Totomoxtle is a surfacing veneer for interiors and furniture made with native Mexican corn husks that are naturally colourful. The husks are flattened and glued by hand and laser cut to make marquetry. Besides creating a new sustainable material, the project also raises awareness about the rapid loss of the original species of corn in today’s globalised world. Totomoxtle is done in a partnership with indigenous farmers who have seen their way of life threatened by the introduction of genetically modified corn and the standardisation of vegetables for supermarket consumption. The project is creating local employment based on this new craft to ensure farmers can keep planting their heirloom varieties. The defence of crop diversity and the freedom to choose how we feed ourselves is not only key for preserving culinary traditions but essential for a fair, and healthy food production system for the future.

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